Edge Strength and Conditioning  is Syracuse's 24 hour anti-corporate gym.

We offer an alternative to the large corporate and crossfit gyms.  You can choose from a variety of classes, such as Bootcamp and Barbell club.  If you prefer a more individualized program, we have some of the best personal trainers in Syracuse.  There are also a limited amount open gym memberships available.

If you want someone who will get you back in shape, Ryan Vollmer is the man for the job. He demonstrates professionalism and creativity well beyond the scope of a small, start-up business in its first year. He’s constantly thinking of new classes and services to offer his clients, from yoga and massage therapy to bootcamp to ballroom dance. It’s neither exaggeration nor flattery to say that Ryan is a great trainer who inevitably becomes a great friend to his clients. He truly cares about my diet and lifestyle as much as my workouts, and constantly pushes me to work harder. I’ve been training at Edge for six months now and feel happier with my body and more energized than ever.
— Katrina Tulloch
Excellent array of equipment for all levels of fitness; beginners to pros. Amazing staff that is helpful and knowledgeable.
— Christina Marie Barrett
Perfect gym to acquire the physique you want without a whole gym eyeing you! The customer service and training is like no other gym in Syracuse!!
— Cher Charón