Ryan Vollmer, NCCPT

Owner- Founder

Ryan’s years of professional training experience have led him to develop exciting and comprehensive personal training programs that ensure his clients’ satisfaction with their workout program.  This high level of satisfaction focuses his clients to remain motivated in achieving their personal fitness goals.   Ryan holds multiple certifications which enable him to offer safe personal and group training using current, effective training methods.  

Ryan’s goal as a trainer is to replace the obligation of exercise with a commitment to a healthy life; he recognizes that this process occurs over the life span. Ryan is dedicated to helping his clients improve their quality of life in a manner that is specific and individualized.  The diverse characteristics of his clients have allowed him to specialize in a vast array of training modalities: sport specific training, performance enhancement, wellness support and injury prevention, functional exercise training, pre and post natal training, senior fitness, weight loss, strength training, and injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise.


Carissa Thompson

Chrissa Thompson is part of Edge Strength and Conditioning’s personal trainer and coaching team with certifications in CrossFit, yoga, barefoot training, group fitness, and barre. She focuses mainly on proper movement patterns, injury prevention and rehab, optimizing longevity, strength training, interval training, weight loss (or muscle gain), and has comprehensive training and personal experience with Olympic lifting.  Above all, She will seek to focus on your personal Goals, tailoring everybody's program individually, taking a total wellness approach to fitness, nutrition and health.

As an athlete herself, She has done competitive CrossFit, Triathlon, half marathons and marathons, yoga, powerlifting, Olympic lifting and soccer. Her original launch pad into the fitness industry was as a yoga instructor and she is very much an advocate of a yoga/mobility component as a compliment to any training program in the form of an active recovery for the work done in the gym. 

Carissa is here to help you start or continue your personal health and wellness journey! 


Pete Haley, DPT, NCCPT

Personal Trainer

After graduating from the University of Buffalo with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Pete has worked as a Personal Trainer with a DPT degree and NCCPT Certification.  Through personal training and clinical work experience he has become well-versed in training athletes, influencing weight loss, strength gain, balance and functional improvements for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.  

Pete is excited to continue utilizing his knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals and improve their lives.  Please feel free to contact him in regards to one-on-one personal training or group training so together you can develop and execute a plan geared toward your specific goals!


Lindsay Farrell

Lindsay earned a bachelors’ degree in exercise science from the College at Brockport. She is passionate about fitness and designing creative workout plans for her clients. Lindsay posses an upbeat personality and the skills necessary to help anyone reach their goals quickly and effectively. Her goal as a trainer is to help people live better lives through nutrition, functional movement and strength training.


Meghan Barrett

Athlete. Student. Expectant mother. Meghan Barrett has been them all. And throughout each stage, fitness has been foundational—whether improving athletic performance, relieving stress, or establishing a basis for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. In 2012, she decided to use her passion to help others become healthier versions of themselves. And as your certified personal trainer, she’ll create a customized workout specific to your goals and skill level. Prepare to be pushed. Prepare to be motivated. And prepare to feel the positive impact that proper strength training and nutrition will have on your mind, body and soul


Andy Mitchell 


Andy brings together a diverse experience base of functional training modalities and unconventional fitness methods to produce a fresh approach to training. As a former power athlete, his philosophy of fitness evolved into a longevity model, emphasizing functional strength, healing, sustainablity and injury prevention.

As a strength coach (NSCA) and a certified trainer through Onnit Academy, his training revolves around the specific goal of Total Human Optimization. His Foundations training includes kettlebell, club, mace, suspension, sandbag, ropes, and bodyweight, providing for an integrated approach with more traditional tools. 

Andy applies this approach to focus on providing his clients with a new awareness of the importance of balance on the path to being healthy and happy.


Kyle Carleo

Massage Therapist
Kyle began his journey in the fitness world as a teenager when he began to explore athleticism through many team sports and other activities such as snowboarding and hiking. He has been a Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor for over 4 years and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in fall of 2016. He has thousands of hours of experience in various styles of fitness programming and has a strong foundation for integrating strength, mobility, recovery, and balance for each individual's specific goals. Kyle's drive is to make you happier, healthier, and stronger in the safest and most efficient way possible so that you can navigate the world in any way that you desire.